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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  January 10, 2019 8:00pm-8:34pm +03

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into syria against kurdish fighters the foreign minister says the withdrawal of u.s. troops from syria does not affect chris' operation the gates of kurdish why p.g. and the group has been an important american ally in syria in the fight against isis and her considers wife e.g. a terrorist from dozens of countries are boycotting the inauguration ceremony for venezuela's president nicolas maduro starts his second six year term on thursday overseeing worsening shortages and soaring inflation that's caused latin america's west have a migration crisis as millions of venezuelans escape growing poverty. people . one of the largest in latin america i desperate to say anything to make ends meet . but those who are left here are the survivors because everybody's leaving we're not we're staying and trying to survive in any way we can. street vendors say the government is trying to stop them from making
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a living the government says the vendors charge too much and that it should be able to control their prices this is it and i meant that over the years this is difficult the government wants to ruin a small he wants to control the country and make it cheaper and the police are taking everything away from us but how do we eat how do we live i do we sustain our families shortages of food and medicines and hyperinflation have forced over three million people out of what was once considered latin america's richest nation nicolette motor begins his second term in office with an ongoing economic crisis and mounting international pressure his critics say that he's ruled it illegitimate because the elections last year were filled with irregularities and fraud human rights groups are also questioning the government's methods of clinging to power human rights watch released a report documented cases of at least thirty two people with ties to the military
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who have been detained and tortured. brother is a surgeon who has been imprisoned for seven months he was in a relationship with a retired navy captain and was accused of treason lower get a mortal my brother was beaten so many times his hands that he uses to heal people were broken he still has no feeling in some of his fingers he has done nothing wrong his only mistake was to date a navy captain who the government says was in a plot. says was in a surgery in colombia when the government said he was buying equipment for the opposition on wednesday my there were lashed out at both the u.s. and then a group of other latin american countries who say he's really action was flawed and he's new time in office is illegitimate. a coup ordered by washington and the lima group is underway against a legitimate and constitutional government over which i preside the ball of aryan
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revolution has been getting prepared to confront and thwart any traitors who intend violence against venezuela but on the street most people are more worried about surviving every day in a major economic crisis that analysts say we only get a worse. cuttack us u.s. president donald trump has walked out of a meeting with the democrats after they again refused to fund a border war with mexico stand off as seen in the government in a partial shutdown now for two and a half weeks mike hanna has more from washington d.c. . the bill is passed another spending bill is passed in the house significantly ake republicans break ranks and vote to the democrat majority but there's little possibility this legislation will go to the senate republican leader there insistent he will not allow the passage of any bill that does not have the approval of the president who continues to insist he will veto any measure that
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does not include funding for the border wall you can never have border security or less you have a steel barrier. a concrete wall whatever you want but without. ok where i have gone to kyra now where the u.s. extra state might pompei is holding a briefing with the egyptian foreign ministers on issue create let's have a listen in. the strategic relations between the united states of america and egypt relations between the two countries that have participated. during for decades to bring peace and stability and support ability to the region i have friends that egypt is considering relations with the u.s. . relations between the two partners and this will help to. peace security and stability not only in egypt but in the region. gyptian side
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is looking forward to. increasingly the efforts of both comforters towards in all fields and domains through political and economic under development and social relations also i have says our appreciation to the u.s. . aid to egypt that is for the sake of both me sides. having these aid and increasing the aids according to the challenges that we face together in the region but secondly wanted to supporting a dripped to successfully fighting terrorism will be for the benefit of both sides and they would achieve them just of the egyptian and the u.s. national security in both sides and will help boosting the national security and the said ability also would discuss the fields on your main is of
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increasing. through increasing visits with the. in the two companies officials and increases in consultations between both countries and also the porters of. reaching an agreement regarding the dialogue between both countries with then. between foreign ministers and defense ministers in both countries. also the talks have dealt with the ways of supporting the pain and trade the exchange between the two countries invested between the two countries and the u.s. support to egypt towards reforms economic reforms in my country and the promising chances in front of the u.s. companies to invest in egypt and we work hard to develop this spot according to the
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vision with them of president c.c. add president don't trump you know to consolidate the but i thought links in between the two countries set the dick relations between the two countries to more dimension so we discussed that gather a lot of regional. aisha's and how to confront the threat that facing aid to egypt in ages syria and yemen and how to prevent regional comfiest and to fit in to the arab affairs oh wrinklies in such interference on the expense of the out of national security all in a minute she aggression on and out of the country also discuss the the law that down their guns lose them in a few a piano. roll in older. slap upside agreement the guarantees then just of egypt so then and it without harming the egyptians.
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to overcome the problems in this connection also discuss the points of reviving peace process between the palestinians and israelis through depending on the great role of egypt in supporting peace and stability in the region in accordance with this that the age of cooperation between egypt and then i didn't say it's which we consider an important during the efforts of sorting out the conflict. and the floor is his it's wonderful to be here in cairo my first trip here as secretary of state president trumps sense is best wishes to the people of egypt and to its leadership i'd like to thank president sisi and you for mr sugaree for hosting me and our team
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. as you just said today armies were from the longstanding important strategic partnership between our two nations. it's always necessary but even more now just a few weeks ago terrorist struck egypt and just as they have done in sinai minya and elsewhere last saturday a police officer died in two more were wounded as they bravely defuse the bomb planted near coptic church i wanted to let you know that the american people join the egyptian people in mourning each of those this morning i had a chance to thank president sisi for his vigorous efforts to ongoing to combat the ongoing threat of terrorism as well as the radical islamism that fuels it his leadership his assertion of leadership is consistent with egypt's historical role as a true leader throughout the middle east is the kind of an issue present from ass all nations to take on for the protection of their people and i had the chance to thank
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president sisi for that this morning. as i'll talk a little bit more about in my remarks at the american university in cairo the united states under president of will remain a steadfast partner in the region for egypt and others we urge every country to take meaningful action to crush terrorism and denounce its ideological roots you'll not fight these battles alone a robust battle against isis a guide and other terrorist groups will continue. egypt and the united states are also working together to solidify the middle east alliance as a means for advancing regional peace security and prosperity we hope all nations involved will take the next step forward on that important issue to if we had the chance to today and to discuss egypt's continued support for the u.n. facilitated a political process in libya and we discussed the need to counter the greatest threat of all in the middle east the iranian regime and its campaigns of terrorism and destruction. on the economic front egypt has made very good progress you should
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all be very proud of that we encourage the continued opening of the economy to create greater opportunities for the private sector certainly american companies but companies from all around the world under present cc's leadership egypt is undertaking the reforms necessary to achieve that and the economic and energy sectors in particular these are important steps the president sees he has taken along the road to greater economic prosperity for the egyptian people and america stands ready to support that. we also appreciate president sees his support for religious freedom the united states is very very welcoming of that action all people should have the freedom to believe what they want to believe in worship however they choose. in my means and we also discussed the need for egypt to reject basic freedoms we appreciate what they've done whether ngo law open on its public debates a hallmark of a thriving society and stand to benefit the egyptian people greatly we both i know
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foreign minister shukri i both look forward to seeing the fruits of our a lot of cooperation on these many issues egypt will continue to have a great and strong friend in the united states thank you for mr. bush and. holding the relations between the two countries of the consultations between both come for his.
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and i don't feel the. work of both conflict is preparing for talks with which to. framework they follow and the first ministers in both countries and their meetings are the dialogue a question to both of you what's the most important topics to be discussed by this mechanism and what is their effect of this election between both come through as also the meeting will be held during this year have you had any agreement about this mechanism in this meeting but tekla days in norway with about the relations between the two countries for show and this is a teacher collation so many mechanisms for which these relations are being dealt with through summit meetings no ministerial meetings or the strategic
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dialogue or even that two plus two from work and mechanism these all are aimed at supporting the lives between the two countries and discover a new domains of the operations this is not the usual dialogue is big economic military technical. whether in the field because of. our education or develop an area this means that we need good. preparation in order to have this meeting and we. would start the. talks between the different services and edges in order to have real outputs for supporting the relations that two plus two mechanism will also enable us to have more consultation and. points that out of mutual concern and both companies are the same time through all of this so. of cooperation when
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we're causing all the to fizzle out of threats in the region and we will deal with topics of mutual it on signs on the international. the us gyptian relations are very good very deep and vetted diverse this will had. ways of boosting such relations and build up on the sheave minutes that we. do on that she had been oldfield's and in all domains. that's a pretty complete answer at only add this. the. the work that gets done in preparation for this is important it's detailed it's granular it will cover lots of things you mentioned many of them but i think too about energy transportation aviation issues where our two countries can work together on our bilateral relationships there but also in the region but the second thing that the united states and gauges that only
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a handful of these level of discussions and us doing that with egypt i think is a profound demonstration of the commitment between our two countries west. thank you. secretary prepare the facts she says that cooperation with egypt has improved on human rights so did you raise the issue of americans detained in egypt and also the thousands of political prisoners here just on syria turkey and the united states have been talking past each other in the past couple of days and how are you going to organize a swift and secure withdrawal of u.s. troops in syria if the u.s. doesn't see eye to eye with the country it depends on to make it a success just finally if i may i want to return very quickly to this issue of contradiction last month president trump said the fight against islamic state was over he was defeated and he was going to bring the u.s. troops fact from syria now since then his national security officials have said
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stomach state is not completely defeated and the withdrawal will happen slowly gradually and based on conditions how is this not a contradiction or has the president changed his mind i thank you for your one question. let me take the third of your single question first there's no contradiction whatsoever this is a story made up by the media that's fine you all right what you'd like the president's been very clear and ambassador ball and i have been very clear about this to the threat from radical islamic terrorism israel isis continues we fight them in many regions around the country our commitment to continuing to prevent the growth isis is growth is real it's important we will continue at that we're going to do it in a way in one particular place syria differently the united states decision president trumps decision to withdraw our troops has been made we will do that and so it is it is possible to hold in your head the thought that we could withdraw our
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forces our uniform forces from syria and continue america's crushing campaign where we have taken down ninety nine percent of the caliphate in syria and continue that we are an intent upon that and i've told each of the leaders here in the region that i've met that work we're committed to that your first. was about did for mr shukri and i talk about human rights we never have a set of long conversations where we don't talk about things that matter to america and matter to the egyptian people as well and the set of issues around human rights and your second question excuse me. we talk about the full panoply of human rights issues each time we engage in a second question. yeah we're again we're engaged in complex discussions with them even as we speak basser jeffries's in the region our entire team is engaged and having the conversations about how we achieve all of the outcomes that are
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important there. if i might the secretary with your permission just course make a comment as relates the fight against terrorism and we are partners in the coalition against the fight against adarsh but it's always necessary despite the fact that the abilities of isis are that have been degraded to a very large extent but the overall network of terrorist organizations i think is goes far beyond that and we see that in the various organizations other than isis or isis affiliated that might be operating on their various names in syria and in iraq and then in libya and in the west and west africa. the muslim brotherhood they are all associated to the same ideology of fundamentalism extremism exclusion resort to violence and terrorism and thereby this is
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a threat so that if we all face them the one that we are determined to fully eradicate by leaving comprehensively with all of the organizations and all of the terrorist factions that are operating in this area and in the world generally. i've already written. so there we have it my pumpkin having a press conference alongside the foreign minister egyptian foreign minister should create. a we did we get there a pretty thin on detail ready until we got towards the end where the sex you state was talking about how president has been very clear about the fight against eisel and that there was no contradiction there and also saying that they had taken down ninety nine percent of the caliphate and also talked about full penelope as you put it of human rights let's bring in. senior political analysts what do you make of
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what's going to there's a you said not much detail and i think they're pretty dismissive of the issues that are of importance to the media and to the international public opinion notably the question of what is the u.s. strategy in the middle east and towards egypt that of course in syria as well what is the counterterrorism strategy of the united states and last but not least what is the u.s. policy on human rights because i think secretary pompei as answer about human rights was so dismissive to the u.s. journalist to us the question i mean it actually goes beyond the pale because he could at least address some of the issues that were addressed by his by america's own network c.b.s. sixty minutes program when they asked him about the sixty thousand or tens of thousands of political prisoners and and other human rights issues the other issues i think that was quite interesting to to hear it's been repeated but to hear it that way in the long summing by gyptian four minutes of that and al qaida on the
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one hand and the muslim brotherhood on the other hand to say that they're all terrorists stemming from the same place and that the counter-terrorism between the united states and egypt needs to go along those lines i think that's of course both long and dangerous in the sense that we all know that those that the unit that egypt is involved in a diet. what in gaza and brotherhood we know the muslim brotherhood have won election in egypt itself before the by general sisi they are also in parliament in kuwait in jordan and in other places so to really long song a political organization like the muslim brotherhood has similar orders the same as that is not only wrong it's reckless and dangerous and for certain that it won't pay or not to say anything about that is of course you know a bit more of some right he was also asked about that the carroty or not coming out of the white house and he said this but in clarity there is no contradiction that
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we know what we're doing and. ninety nine percent defeated we're going to stay there to the whole lot or destroyed well i think that's why both secretary of state and national security adviser john bolton in the region it's especially for damage control damage control because people in the region don't understand including the leaders in the region don't understand what the u.s. policy towards syria is and i think they have a way of explaining get out of the contradictions to say look. especially at the pump we are withdrawing our troops from syria eventually but we will remain engaged in syria and elsewhere against that and other terrorist groups of course for anyone who understands a bit about the nature of a conflict or the war against terrorism knows that someone like that you cannot exactly sanction them financially you cannot impose sanctions on them you cannot take them to the net you through the united nations security council and so on so
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for them today if you're not engaged in the ground against them especially with your allies and so-so was very hard to defeat them the fact that there would don't get troops from syria is a psychological shock to many of america's allies in the region including in israel in turkey and even in egypt and other places so i think you know as much as they try to do damage control i'm not sure that worked out and then there's a damage control about trump's foreign policy in the middle east in general what is this middle east asserted you call lions and who does it involve with a crisis in israel palestine and the peace process going nowhere with the crisis in the gulf and that issue is going nowhere and with trump's policy in the middle east being so dis mold that aside from look at the rising jerusalem as the state of the jewish state court unquote which is actually very counterproductive that turned out in the arab and muslim world there's very little to show and certainly we didn't hear anything anything from either secular pompei or john
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bolton not yesterday or not today that further clarified what it is that the grand strategy whether it's against their.


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